ESG is essential

ESG issues are pivotal for businesses today. 

Investors are demanding that companies report on ESG impacts. Consumers want to purchase from organisations with sustainable supply chains and a positive social impact. Employees need to work for organisations with a purpose.

The world today is facing unprecedented challenges, such as climate change, inequality and systemic discrimination. 

Organisations can play a role in resolving all of these issues by engaging with their Environmental, Social and Governance practices to become truly sustainable. 


What is ESG

ESG signifies the environmental, social
and governance activities and impacts of organisations.

ESG transformation is the process by which institutions and organisations are transformed into more environmentally and socially sustainable entities, incorporating ESG into their purpose, strategy, operations, processes and products.

Why Cambridge ESG?

We are the global pioneers in upskilling leaders to lead ESG transformation, and are consistently ranked in the top 3 global universities by the Time Higher Education Global Rankings.

We provide unrivalled and actionable insights for leaders and learners, allowing them to transform their strategies, operations, market presence, business models and themselves.


University of Cambridge thought leadership in ESG is already changing the world.

The University of Cambridge is a nexus of business, research and science and CJBS sits at the crossroads of these disciplines. We are world leaders in ESG research; our executive education learning solutions allow unparalleled access to the faculty at CJBS.

Be a forward-thinking business and truly make a difference.

Fail to act and you may seriously hamper your business’ long-term viability.

Draw on the university’s extensive scientific output and learnings.

Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville

"Acting on ESG impacts and opportunities is critical to good business today and in the future. It is no longer about simple compliance or addressing the demands of investors; businesses should work for all - the planet, consumers, employees and their community. ESG actions, taken systematically, can help a business stay in business in the long run. That is sustainability: pursuing business activities that operate within planetary limits, enhance social foundations and contribute to the bottom line."

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Download brochure

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